Advice For Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

The Internet is a wonderful resource for bridesmaid shopping as you have to co-ordinate so many preferences, body-shapes and of course budgets and there are many different considerations. Of course it’s up to the bride to decide on the major factors like colour and type of fabric but it is tricky when you have so many differing opinions and personalities to take into account. Quite often it’s good to look at different resources, online being a cheaper option and start to collate ideas about colours, styles and combinations together in a group.

There are many different trends occurring for bridesmaid dresses. Many focus on A-line designs as this can be an average flattering shape on most woman. Many woman feel conscious about their hips, bums and tums and so a popular option is to select this silhouette across the whole bridesmaids party. If on the other hand, you find this option too limiting, another good tip is to select a colour and type of fabric and have your bridesmaids select the shape and kind of dress they would like to wear, giving each individual the freedom to reveal and conceal where they need. As we all know some of our girlfriends love a halter-neck others say that is does not offer their bust enough support. Long maxis look fantastic on our tall friends but swamp our petite ones, so it’s important that each individual looks and feels gorgeous and confident. Another big trend is to have a shawl, shrug or clutch bag to compliment and co-ordinate the bridesmaid’s party.

Colour is always difficult but there are some definite popular options. For summer weddings metallic colours like light gold and silver in fine silks will stand out and add a glint of magic in the light. For a more understated approach opt for light summery colours like butter, lilac, mint, ivory and blush. For winter weddings the mood is more brooding and sumptuous so opt for rich decadent colours like wine, chocolate, plum and emerald. Black is also becoming a more popular choice for brides and bridesmaids for it’s wearability and slimming factor. Although today there is less tradition around colours and styles, be objective. For instance it would not be wise to choose a short style and strapless bridesmaid dress during the winter and a heavy, long-sleeved dress on a basking hot summers day, even if you do all like the style!

Another good tip is to give good time to choose and/or have your dress made. You may also need to take your body measurements, make sure that you know how this is done properly by checking online to see how. Ask companies to send swatches of fabric at least 6 weeks before the big day. This will give enough time to allow for alterations or fittings as you want to feel relaxed and not under stress because you have left it too late.