Indian Wedding Dress Shopping Practices in Modern Times

Indian weddings are getting more magnificent and splendorous with each passing year. This is resulting in an increase in competition among wedding planners i.e., their aim to be ahead in the race of arranging a grand and impressive wedding for their clients. Earlier Indian weddings used to be closely knitted family affair where every ceremony and preparations were taken care by every family member. But, with changing time and growing wedding market today the scenario has revolutionized. Nowadays, weddings are more about wedding planners, fashion designers, luxurious Indian bridal dresses and loads of shopping.

From traditional aspects Indian wedding sarees are supposed to be the most obvious choice as Indian bridal wear. But changing fashion trends and new innovations in Indian bridal dresses have opened numerous options for the bride who wishes to shop for her bridal trousseau. Number of fashion designers and labels are offering loads of designs, styles and patterns in wedding wear collections, in varying price range.

Today, fashion designers and online fashion websites will spoil you for choices. Let’s take a look at fashion designers first. Designers excelled in wedding wear collections are leaving no stones unturned to allure their customers. From designing bridal sarees, bridal lehengas to offering heart conquering customization facilities… they are doing everything to win your attention and mint money. In recent times, couturiers of the Indian fashion industry are seen setting up luxurious designer boutiques. Reason being, they want to make their customers feel special in the sophisticated air of their stores. These days, designers not just offer exclusively designed wedding lehengas and Indian bridal sarees, but also offer personalized styling tips.

Their collections range from finely embellished concept sarees, bridal sari gowns, to wedding lehengas with eye catching detailing, woven in rich and luxe fabrics. Elements of intricate hand embroidery and sparkles of Swarovski crystals are some deciding factor for expensiveness of the wedding dresses. If you want a subtle and less glittering wedding lehengas and bridal sarees, go for Sabyasachi Mukherjee, while if you’ve a weakness for drapes and pleats Gaurav Gupta should be your obvious choice because he is known as the Duke of Drapes. If you want to follow the old traditional charm of Indian wedding with a twist of bling, there is no one better choice than JJ Valaya and Tarun Tahiliani.

After fashion designer boutiques, lets’ move on to know more about the latest trends available at online fashion shopping websites. Spoil yourself and be a shopaholic with convenient ways of online shopping by relaxing at the comfort zone of your abode. Whether its online lehenga shopping for your reception ceremony or buying bridal sarees, Indian wedding jewelry and other Indian bridal dresses, online shopping offer attractive offers which are hard to resist. Wide array of colors, numerous styles and designs in Indian wedding sarees, bridal lehengas, and wedding lehengas, make online shopping fun and pocket friendly. It offers an assortment of Indian bridal wear collections, jewelry and other accessories under one web address.

Now, choose from the wide range of options available for wedding shopping.

Need Help Wedding Dress Shopping?

In the eyes of a bride, the dress is easily the most important part of her wedding. Girls day dream and window shop for wedding gowns even if they’re single. Think about it, it is the one outfit of a woman’s life that is surely remembered by the bride, groom, guests, and family. The framed pictures and photos online put a lot of focus on the gown and this can feel like a lot of pressure for any anxious bride!

Where do you go to find the perfect dress? Wedding magazines and bridal stores are two examples of places to start your hunt, but the easiest venture starts online. You can search online by designer, cut and style of dress, and price range. You can bookmark and save searches and print out the choices you like best. This is always a suggested route to take because you can thoroughly view your options and make sure you are getting the best quality and price.

There are actually professionals that can personally help you find the perfect design for your dress. If you are intimidated by all your options or frankly don’t know where to start, you can always ask for help. This is part of the role of a wedding planner. Not only are wedding planners there to help orchestrate the wedding and reception, but they can be of great assistance to the bride. You can bring your wedding planner the dresses that you printed out online or discuss one on one the style, price, and designer you are looking for. Then they will present you will all the options within reach. This is always a great option because professional planners are well connected with everything involving weddings and can promise you will have the best gown for your wedding.

The entire wedding party is themed according to the style of the bride’s gown. The bride’s maids, the groom, and the groomsmen should all be themed to the bridal gown. While this is one of the exciting parts of the planning, it can also be overwhelming trying to find the best fit and color for everyone in the wedding party. You can also find the rest of the party’s attire online or with the help of a wedding planner.

When getting ready for the big day, having the dress of your dreams is important to the bride. With designer, style, and price range in mind, there are professionals that can help find the perfect gown if you need help. Not only can they find you the best price, but they will find the best design for your personality and taste.

Advice For Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

The Internet is a wonderful resource for bridesmaid shopping as you have to co-ordinate so many preferences, body-shapes and of course budgets and there are many different considerations. Of course it’s up to the bride to decide on the major factors like colour and type of fabric but it is tricky when you have so many differing opinions and personalities to take into account. Quite often it’s good to look at different resources, online being a cheaper option and start to collate ideas about colours, styles and combinations together in a group.

There are many different trends occurring for bridesmaid dresses. Many focus on A-line designs as this can be an average flattering shape on most woman. Many woman feel conscious about their hips, bums and tums and so a popular option is to select this silhouette across the whole bridesmaids party. If on the other hand, you find this option too limiting, another good tip is to select a colour and type of fabric and have your bridesmaids select the shape and kind of dress they would like to wear, giving each individual the freedom to reveal and conceal where they need. As we all know some of our girlfriends love a halter-neck others say that is does not offer their bust enough support. Long maxis look fantastic on our tall friends but swamp our petite ones, so it’s important that each individual looks and feels gorgeous and confident. Another big trend is to have a shawl, shrug or clutch bag to compliment and co-ordinate the bridesmaid’s party.

Colour is always difficult but there are some definite popular options. For summer weddings metallic colours like light gold and silver in fine silks will stand out and add a glint of magic in the light. For a more understated approach opt for light summery colours like butter, lilac, mint, ivory and blush. For winter weddings the mood is more brooding and sumptuous so opt for rich decadent colours like wine, chocolate, plum and emerald. Black is also becoming a more popular choice for brides and bridesmaids for it’s wearability and slimming factor. Although today there is less tradition around colours and styles, be objective. For instance it would not be wise to choose a short style and strapless bridesmaid dress during the winter and a heavy, long-sleeved dress on a basking hot summers day, even if you do all like the style!

Another good tip is to give good time to choose and/or have your dress made. You may also need to take your body measurements, make sure that you know how this is done properly by checking online to see how. Ask companies to send swatches of fabric at least 6 weeks before the big day. This will give enough time to allow for alterations or fittings as you want to feel relaxed and not under stress because you have left it too late.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Online Costume Shop?

Online shopping has become more convenient, especially considering how busy modern day living can get. When looking for the best fancy dress costume for your children or a costume for yourself, it is a good option to start your search online. With access to a wider selection, you are sure to get what you are looking for.

The Benefits

When using an online fancy dress costume shop, you will easily manage to peruse through the huge collections of costumes. This is considering that one well done page can contain as many as ten costumes for you to check out. This is nothing compared to having to move one costume after another at an offline store which can be tiring and confusing.

The display of photos and images gives you a chance to see the options in full detail. You therefore can easily make a decision as to which ones appeal the most to you and which ones are not as pleasing to you. You will hardly miss out on a detail when using a good site since some even include images which are easy to zoom in and check from all angles including the back side. This way, you get to be really sure of the costume you are about to settle for and it reduces the chances of getting disappointed in the end.

The online shops save you time and money since you can go through all the options without having to leave your home or office. An internet connection and a computer is all you need to complete your purchase; your package will be delivered to your doorstep. This is a great savior especially when you are making last minute preparations for a party that has cropped up all of a sudden. They save you from a huge amount of stress.

Some of the online stores also offer customization services. This is very helpful in case the costume you like is not available in a size you want. Such stores can also help you out if you want a unique costume done from scratch or when you need a few changes to be made to the features and parts of the selection you’ve made. They of course will mean a little more expense but you will enjoy your unique costume at the end of the day.

With so many online shops, you will have the advantage of comparing what they have to offer and then make the right choice. Such comparisons can be amazing because it is possible to find the very same costume on another site but at a lower price. When you are wise, you can save a lot of money and still get the very best costume for the party.

The shops are organized into categories, making it easier for you to jump right into the relevant category for the kind of party you have. For instance, you will find the costumes categorized into princess, superheroes, Christmas and Halloween among other themes to make your search fast and easy. The accessories are also arranged in separate categories, so that after selecting, you can peruse fast and make a selection.

Another great advantage of using the online stores is that once in a while they conduct sales for the costume collections they have. The items are greatly discounted through such sales and this makes it possible for buyers to buy as many costumes as they need without spending too much on the items. You can take advantage of such sales to get several of your favorite costumes to cover you through the different parties and celebrations.